Lighting Control


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LCP-1ix: Technology in focus...Delivering on VALUE.

The ability to control facility lighting via schedules that correspond appropriately to occupancy demand is the Holy Grail of energy management.

The LCP-1ix enables you to control individual circuits in any electrical circuit panelboard with standard manual mechanical circuit breakers to achieve your lighting schedule goals. The LCP-1ix is UL Listed, web-based out of the box and seamlessly integrates with any building management or energy management system or provides the foundation for your building energy management system with built-in calendar event scheduling, daylight savings time and photocell control for all your lighting control requirements.

The LCP-1ix delivers on value. You no longer need to upgrade to expensive and complex electronic circuit breaker panelboards to reduce your carbon footprint and achieve your energy management goals. By leveraging the power of the LCP-1ix, you can sustain the environment and maintain your bottom line.